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Serving great food for over 25 years.

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We can provide fresh chilled sandwiches, baguettes, rolls etc and ready to heat food that your staff will appreciate.

Snack and food vending machines are a great way to provide a source income for your company. Offering quality, fresh produce will provide your customers, employees or guests with a fantastic versatile range of drinks, snacks, confectionery and food. Companies can save up to 90% on the cost of a staff canteen by offering a low-cost alternative, that's open 24/7, saves space and offers staff a great product.

Little and Large Catering is an independent supplier of vending machine services. We can provide fresh hot and cold food for snack and sandwich vending machines to meet your requirements and budget.

We’re also able to deliver reliable vending machine refills at wholesale prices.

Our Vending supplies adhere to the same high standards of quality as our delivery and wholesale produce, with a variation of different foods available to offer daily choice and pleasant diversity for your customers and staff.

The Benefits of Vending
The hot food vending service is ideal for businesses that:
1. Do not currently offer their employees an on site hot food service
2. Wish to reduce their catering costs
3. Need a low cost ‘out of hours’ or 24/7 service

The benefits of vending is well known, backed up with the high quality produce from Little and Large Catering is a winning combination. Call us now for more details!


Great Food for Over 25 Years
Little and Large Catering
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